Auto Dent Removal in Texas

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For over 30 years, Texas Dent Company has been providing mobile paintless dent repairs to Hazlet, TX and surrounding communities. As the preferred method for repairing dents, PDR allows for your vehicle to maintain its value because the original paint finish will remain untouched. Admittedly, not all damage to the body of a vehicle can be repaired with this process. If a dent can’t be completely removed, the repair will make the damage almost unnoticeable. Contact us today for a quick quote!


Mother nature can strike at anytime! Hail damage is what we specialize in and we can service all makes and models. All vehicles, whether brand new or classic, can be repaired with PDR. So call us today for your free estimate.


 Whether some one else opens there door into yours or its a runaway shopping cart in the parking lot we can take care of it for you. Most common door dings can be repaired in less than an hour.


People do actually get into small accidents and can cause their car minor damages such as small dent etc.. In most cases if the paint is still intact and not broken we can repair the dent

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